What we do

We’re an Agri-Energy company specialising in the procurement, shipping, accreditation and value-added supply of tallow, vegetable oils and Used Cooking Oil. Our experience in fats and oils stretches back for more than 100 years and our commitment to world class industrial science and chemistry drive our testing, validation and quality assurance processes.

We offer products in all grades of Tallow and Used Cooking Oil (UCO) which are both used for renewable fuels, as well as Vegetable oils including non-GM canola, soya, sunflower, cottonseed, responsibly sourced palm and coconut.

Our customers come to us from a range of businesses; those seeking renewable fuel feedstocks, livestock feeds, quick service restaurants, industrial and other manufacturers. We are the largest exporter of renewable fuel feedstock in Australia and New Zealand.

The premier importer of vegetable oils into Australia, we ensure a reliable, high quality, year-round supply to supplement Australia’s limited local crops in canola, soya and sunflower.

Once those ships have unloaded, they are then filled with our tallow and UCO products and sent around the world to supply the renewable fuel, food, personal care and industrial manufacturing industries.