As the only fats and oils supplier in Australia and New Zealand with dedicated research and development team (working out of laboratories in Brisbane and Melbourne), we can develop product to a wide range of specifications. We specialise in providing quality feedstock for the global renewable fuel industry and personal care sector. 

We are the largest exporter of tallow out of Australia and New Zealand and can export tallow anywhere around the world.

Vegetable Oil

Our vegetable oils are used across the foods, industrial and animal feeds sectors for a variety of purposes.

We are part of an integrated supply chain, the largest importer of vegetable oils in Australia and New Zealand.

Globally, we source, ship and store a wide range of vegetable oils to meet our customer needs, including canola, soya, sunflower, cottonseed, responsibly sourced palm and coconut.

Used Cooking Oil

We collect Used Cooking Oil (UCO) through our AUSCOL service, the leading UCO upcycler in Australia. It enables GrainCorp to be the largest exporter of UCO from Australia and New Zealand.

We process this oil to various levels across different grades, depending on the needs of our customers. Our products have a low FFA, low metals and very low chloride content, which are indicators of high quality.

And our supply chain is fully compliant with International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC).